Saturday, August 31, 2013

HAUL! Skincare, makeup, scarf + shoes ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁

Yay! Our first haul.
      First, are a pair of shoes and a scarf I bought a few days ago at Payless. Yeah, it may be a cheap shoe store but hey, I'm a bargain shopper! The shoes are a pair of all black oxfords made by the company Lower East Side. I've grown out of all my black shoes sadly, so I bought these cuties to fill that hole in my wardrobe. I think they're a great basic staple and they're comfy, too! The outside material is a texturized pleather, the inside is covered in some kind of fabric, besides the rubbery sole. They were $24.99. Can't wait to wear 'em! Here's a couple pics-

And a link:

     The scarf is a minicci forest green infiniti with a floral print. I love love love this color combo! It was $14.99
Here's the link:

Now, I will introduce a big bundle of skin/beauty products...
Let me explain... I did not buy all of these! That would be mucho outside my budget! My mom's client works for skin companies and gets us product!

Now one by one! 
Murad Essential-C Sun Balm SPF 35

This lil dude is so cute! I'm white as a ghost, so SPF is important and this baby sunscreen is smaller than my fist! It's easy to apply, pocket size, and doesn't leave white streaks. It's $25 here:
Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense sunscreen SPF 50

This little bottle is filled with tinted sunscreen of a very strong number! It's made to "enhance natural skintone" as well, so don't expect white streaks! Yay! I like this tint, it gives slight pigment without it looking unnatural, and leaves a dewy, healthy look. Find it for $34 here:
Jane Iredale In touch cream blush in the shade "Connection"
(to see the product inside look at the next section)
This seems to be a very nice, creamy blush in a gentle, pretty shade. I ran out of blush so I'm really excited about this product! It's $27 and you can find it here:
Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter
(the right side one is the Jane Iredale)
I'm gonna use this highlighter as a light cream blush because this tone will show up fine on my skin. I'm excited about this one too! I really like Juice beauty products.. but I'll post that info another time! Comparing to the Jane Iredale: the Jane Iredale blush is darker and smoother, but the juice beauty gives off a different look when applied- more subtle. I like both so far! $22
2 Bare Minerals Prime Time eyelid primers (tiny testers)
These are itty bitty, nothing you could buy. However, I will most definitely try them out, I'm looking forward to these! I've always wanted primer and bare minerals is a great company. One is brown and shiny and the other is neutral. Full size costs $18
Juice Beauty Refining Finishing Powder- "Sand"
This powder seems like a good way to seal a makeup look, its neutral and gives skin a soft, matte finish. $22
Juice Beauty Correcting Concealer- "Organic Ivory"
This concealer provides great coverage and matches my skin really well. I don't know how it performs under extreme conditions or time because this is a new product I haven't used, but it seems like a quality product and has great reviews on the internet. $18
2 Illuminating Eye Colors- Organic Cappuccino and Champagne 
These shimmery eye shadows are soft and pale in color but are a great basic. I'll use them as bases most likely! $12 each-

Hope you enjoyed the haul! You never know, some of these might end up in a favorites post in the future with a full review. 

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  1. What a fabulous scarf, just loving the colours! Can't wait to read some reviews on all those amazing products!

  2. great post, how did u like Skinceuticals? I tried their retinol cream, but didnt suit me.

    love ure blog :)

    1. I really like their stuff, but I just use their Sun protection, cleanser, clay mask, and blemish gel. the gel is amazing and so is the clay! The sunscreen always works great too. Thanks! I'll check yours out!