Friday, September 13, 2013

4 Days: OOTD!

Woohoo another OOTD- 4 of them!! Here are a few of my first 2 weeks of school outfits. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of my skirt outfits and first day outfit, but there are plenty more OOTDs to come. Let's dig in!

Outfit 1: Simple Oxfords+Scarf
Scarf: Payless, Tee: F21, jeans: Dd's discounts, shoes:payless

Homemade earrings <3
Nothing too special, just simple casual but still cute. As you can see, I had just taken a payless trip a few days before this! 

Outfit 2: Magic Tree and Polka Dots!
Yes those are the same jeans, this was a week or so later.

Unknown ring (was Mom's)

Polka dot sneakers with a cork bottom! It's like a mini platform. Love the unique twist. Forever 21 (a year ago)

Tee shirt from Freestyle Clothing exchange

Spike earrings from Forever 21.
This tee is so adorable and quirky! It's really versatile, too.

Outfit 3: Sneaker wedges and a slouchy top
Top: I have no idea where I got this... 

Shoes: DSW, leggings: F21

Ring: gift

Earrings: homemade
These shoes make every outfit cuter, I swear. This one is so simple but the wedge makes it fun. The earrings are one of my new obsessions!

Outfit 4: Clovers and Combats

Jeans: Dd's discounts, Boots: unknown, top: Freestyle, necklace: gift, ring: F21

I love the movement of this top, it's like it has little wings! The boots are just a basic brown combat, the ring is a little elephant wrapped around my finger! This necklace is another favorite of mine right now, a friend of mine made it and I love it! It's another really unique piece. Yes, those are pennies!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!!
Stay tuned for more.
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